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Pond Construction

Starting the dig                
The pond size will be 15' x 7'.
I really wanted a bigger pond but I had space limitations due to a septic system. Since I couldn't go wider I went deeper to a 5' depth.

The rototiller really help loosen up the soil

Digging the shelf        

After much conversation with KOI experts the shelves where removed to provide vertical walls and more gallonage.
No shelves also keeps raccoons and herons from eating your fish.

After digging the hole which is 15 x 7 by hand 30" deep I decided to call for help.
I ended up slopping the bottom from 4' depth at the shallow end to 5' depth at the deep end.

Calling in more muscle        

I installed a Firestone Liner 36' x 20'.

Filled with water   
The Pond Sweep skimmer is at the far end.
I have a Messner 1600 gph pump running through 2" flexible PVC to the waterfall.
I also installed a Beckett submersible filter in the deep end of the pond. (I will be moving this filter to the bog area)

Waterfall Installed           
The waterfall is a Purifalls 18" unit.

Waterfall after adding more rocks   

View showing Cloverleaf filter   
I added a Cal Pump 1600 gph pump at the deepest point which filters the bottom water up through the cloverleaf filter.
I was told that this is much more effective than a gravity fed bottom drain.
The Cloverleaf filter is from Clear Pond. These filters crack very easy so be careful in cold climates.

A view of the bog area    
The bog has a depth of 6" and 16". The rocks wall keeps the fish out so predators can't get to them.
The bog was added after the pond had been running for about 6 weeks. After one night with the bog and all of the new plants
the amount of algae in the water was reduced drastically.

Most of the plants are from Waterplants.com

A view of the bog and waterfall   

A couple shots of the lilies        

My fish are from Misty Mountain and Billy Bland Fishery.

All I need is some more rocks to finish off the pond. Rocks are very expensive!

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