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Ham Radio Stores in the USA and Canada

Amateur Radio Relay League ARRL

Antenna Comparisons
Evaluating the Performance Characteristics of Scanner Antennas Also useful for ham freqs

New Hams
Welcome to Amateur Radio (ARRL)
Guide to Amateur Radio Eham
Help for new hams Gary Hoffman
Welcome CQ Magazine (Free sample issue)
New User Tips for VHF-UHF Operation
Down-to-earth repeater tips N5TD
Good repeater etiquette N5TD

Classified ads Best sites to buy or sell

Exams Online QRZ   Ham Test Online  AA9PW    W8MHB
                        ARRL Exam Search (Find a test location)
                        ARRL Exam question pools

Great Ham Radio Sites

History of Amateur Radio

Call Sign Search FCC    Ham Lookup

Coax    Micro-Coax    RF Connection


Code Practice     ARRL    Tekla    AA9PW    QSO's     Morse Code Teaching Machine    MRX    PA3BWK    NuWare   Ham U    W1AW Practice Schedule    Precision SW    Super Morse    TA2BG    Mp3 CW files from ARRL    Koch Method

Radio Manufacturers AC6V list

Magazines   QST    CQ

Antenna Manufacturers My List
              Dealers     A to Z List     ArtSci     Another A-Z list
Power Supply Manufacturers

Radio Mods  QRZ    Mods dk    Defpoms    AF4K     Radio Rats

Kits    Kit links by A6SV

Logging Programs AC6V

Towers Tower Manufacturers

Equipment Reviews eham

Mail Order Dealers Antennas (AC6V)
                                  A to Z list
                                  Internet Vendor Directory

Illinois Clubs Illinois Amateur Radio Clubs

Illinois Repeaters List Illinois Repeater Association Coordinated Repeaters (Official Listing)
                                      Art Sci
Illinois Repeaters websites/webpages

QSL Cards    

Make Your own WA7S    WB8RCR QSL Maker    QSL Maker 2.2    Cheap QSL's    ArtSci    QSL Works    Rusprint    SignMan    Technisoft Printing   Universal Radio    The QSL Man W4MPY


SWR Meters

DIY Antennas

Antenna Tuners

Dummy Loads

Personal Ham Pages

Ham Fests

Weather Spotting    CARMA    Search-Rescue    Sky Warn

ARES Amateur Radio Disaster Services

RACES Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service

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